Information Technology and Data Processing


The aim of this course is to provide students with a general overview of the ICT domain, data communications and data processing. This is treated from a utilitarian point of view of the user. Eventually, students should be able to speak, judge and decide about these domains in a professional manner. In this context, it is important also to be able to fit technical choices within the economic reality.


Theoretical part:
– Computer and communication network architecture.
– Technology and operating¬†principles of the components of a modern computer system (processor, memory, storage, operating system…).
– Technology and operation of wired and wireless communication networks.
– The Internet and the role of protocol stacks (OSI, TCP/IP…).
– Network applications and information security.
– Application aspects of network architecture (client-server, P2P, …, Quality of Service/Experience) and prominent network application domains (search engines, cloud computing, smart grid).
– Principles of information security mechanisms and protocols.
– Role of database systems in data processing: Overview of database models, the relational model and SQL.
– Essential aspects of business modeling for ICT solutions.
– Cost modeling approaches for infrastructure, equipment as well as operational cost.
– Basic revenues schemes.
– Main ideas of investment analysis for ICT projects of different scales.
– Main principles of some important integrated information systems like data warehouse,
enterprise resource planning and geographic information system.
– Basic concepts of big data and data mining behind these systems.
– Description of a range of system development approaches, including agile development.

Practical part:
– Computer sessions on manipulating and retrieving data from relational databases using SQL.
– Project consisting of a technical as well as a business related part. Basic technical design for an in-house ICT network deployment in a professional context. Business game simulating different ICT offers in a competitive market setting.