Operations Research Models and Methods


Operations Research is the engineering discipline that deals with application of advanced analytical methods to help make informed decisions. It employs mathematical modeling techniques, statistical analysis, and mathematical optimization methods to determine optimal or near-optimal solutions to the complex decision-making

This course “Operations Research Models and Methods” provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills, in these methods and techniques, to enable them tackle the wide range of optimization problems stemming from management and control of the various engineering, production and logistical systems. The focus is first put on the fundamentals on which these methods and techniques are built, then how they work, and finally on their potential practical applications to real-world engineering problems.


Part I: Deterministic models
•  Model Building in Mathematical Programming
•  Linear Programming and the Simplex Algorithm
•  Duality and Sensitivity Analysis
•  Integer Programming and Applications
•  Dynamic Programming and Applications
•  Network Models and Applications
•  Nonlinear Programming

Part II: Stochastic models
•  Decision Making Under Uncertainty
•  Game Theory and Applications
•  Stochastic processes and applications
•  Monte-Carlo Simulation and Applications
•  Queuing Model and Applications